Buying a bike is a big decision. And ‘trying before buying’ makes deciding on the right bike easier.

Below you’ll find a list of our demo bikes which you can book to take out. So please come and see us or contact us if you want to check if we have a bike for you to try.

We are always updating the range of demo bikes available.


Please contact us to check availability on your dreamy new ride!


Just a Taster 🙂

In stock currently we have…

Mountain Bikes

Whyte 905 Medium On Sale £999

Whyte 909 Large

Whyte S-150 Medium

Whyte S-120 CRS Medium

Whyte S-120 SR Large

Whyte T-130 SR Medium

Whyte T-130 CR Extra Large On Sale £1950

Yeti Cycles SB130 Large

Yeti Cycles SB130 Extra Large (Currently Being Built)

Hope SB130 Medium

Hope HB160 Large

Idenetiti Bikes Mettle Medium



Demo Brompton

E Bikes

Whyte EC7 Step Thru Small (Shimano Steps)

RidgeBack Cyclone Large (Shimano Steps)

Whyte Hoxton Medium (Fazua)



Whyte R7 Stirling Large

Whyte R7 Shoreditch Medium

Whyte R7 Portabello Medium

Whyte R7 Carnaby Small

Whyte C7 Ridgeway Step Thru Small

Whyte C7 Ridgeway Medium

Whyte C7 Ridgeway Large