Yeti ARC T-Series Bike Large 35th Anniversary 80 of 100! (ONLY 9 in the UK 5 in Large) IN STOCK NOW


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We form irrational bonds with our trail machines. We love and we covet and it doesn’t make sense. And it doesn’t have to. Now consider the ARC anniversary edition. A 1-of-100 hardtail with all of the modern magic of today, thrown all the way back. Classic colorway, anodized up the ying-yang. Equipped to pierce a bullseye of nostalgia deep within and conjuring a rare sort of lust. Because once these hundo are gone, they’re gone for good.


The Champions Choice.

The ARC, ARC AS and ARC AS LT were the bikes to beat. XC, DH, Dual Slalom, it did it all. Just ask Giove, Furtado, Voreis, or Rockwell. The new-wave ARC still does it all, with the same striking looks as before.

Still trick.

ARC’s legacy of having the “trickest” builds continues. From stem to stern you’ll find custom colorways on the bars, brakes, saddle and stem. Even SRAMs XX1 Eagle AXS drivetrain is anodized Turq – with a matching wheel axle, dropper lever, and brake adaptors to boot.


Built around a custom set of Chris King hubs, the ARC rolls on limited edition carbon composite 35th Anniversary wheelsets.

Gear ranges have changed.
Thankfully, hitting warp
speed has not.


Before lock-ons, wire-ons were standard equipment – ARCs of the past hit speeds of 60+ MPH in the Kamikaze DH. If the pilot is willing, the new school geo means the ARC is more than ready.